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Government Experience of James G. Needham, Jr.  (Continued...)

In May, 2008 Molalla sought approval of a measure, 3301, to annex the Molalla area into the North Clackamas Park and Recreation District. Because of Jim's background he was appointed to co-direct the Citizens for Parks and Recreation advocacy committee. In this capacity he advocated for passage of annexation by speaking at various community organizations and coordinating information, funding, and support. Although the measure failed locally, it passed with an overwhelming margin at the County level.  Stakeholders in the proposed Parks and Recreation District had been able to build an unprecedented coalition of City Council, School District, and numerous community organizations to support this measure!

Jim has served in a broad and diverse number of capacities as a member of the Molalla City Council which include liaison with Molalla Public Works Department; TEAM Board; Adult Center; C4 Delegate; and Library Board Member.

Clackamas County Positions
Jim served as Chairman of the Clackamas County Community Action Board, which advises Clackamas County Commissioners and the County Social Services Department in matters relating to causes and conditions of poverty. Within a year of becoming a member of this board in 2007 he was elected Vice-Chair and appointed as an Advocacy Team member. The Advocacy Team works with Legislators and staff to develop and promote policies and funding for various social service activities. Membership on the Molalla City Council has allowed him to promote and implement funding for homelessness, making Molalla the first city in Clackamas County to establish this type of program and participate in funding the County Homelessness Coordinator.

Business & Community Service
His part-time Computer Consulting business, Vector Graphics, has facilitated membership in the Molalla Chamber of Commerce since 2005.  He has served as a member of the Chamber's Tourism Committee and is working diligently to promote Molalla's many natural and recreational resources.  He has continually sought to support business and contribute to prosperity in the community. He has served as City Council's liaison to Molalla's Team for Economic Action in Molalla (TEAM) Board.

In Public Service he has become acutely aware of the value of Community Service. Jim is proud of his involvement in community service and knows that volunteer activities are crucial to a healthy community, and retains membership in the Molalla Veterans of Foreign Wars, Molalla Kiwanis, Mulino Lions, Molalla FFA Alumni, Molalla Christian Church as a Deacon and Congregational Chair. These organizations have provided him with numerous leadership opportunities and enabled him to fully appreciate the need for membership development and retention. In the Kiwanis he has served as President of the Molalla Kiwanis two terms, Lieutenant Governor of ten community Kiwanis clubs in the Division, and is currently serving a third term as the Builders Club Administrator for the Pacific Northwest District which includes Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Washington, Idaho Panhandle, Oregon, and part of California. These positions have enhanced and expanded his knowledge in areas such as budgeting, event planning, program oversight, and other broad and diverse organizational management and staffing criteria.